Second Call for Papers for the First CAPA-CT Conference: China in the 21st Century

Second Call for Papers

Chinese-American Professors Association
in Connecticut (CAPA-CT)

The First Interdisciplinary Conference,
March 7, 2015

Theme: China in the 21st Century


Submission Deadline: February 10, 2015


The CAPA-CT conference invites participants of all academic disciplines, from all cultural, linguistic, and national backgrounds. The conference aims to promote cross-disciplinary conversations on issues presently or potentially related to China’s challenges and opportunities on the world stage in the 21st century. It will be hosted by Dr. Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science at University of New Haven on March 7, 2015. For driving directions, please visit In case of inclement weather, we would move the meeting to March 14, 2015.


The conference welcomes papers, abstracts, and round-table proposals that highlight an academic discipline’s application to China’s development, or that explore Chinese contributions to the world, or that promote cross-disciplinary dialogue among the Chinese intellectual communities in the U.S. and China as well as scholars and students of China Studies in North America and beyond.

All accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings and on the association website at


All participants must register.  No registration fee is required for authors who submit paper(s) or abstract(s); neither for panelists, invited speakers, conference organizers, students and visiting scholars. The registration fee $35 for any other participant is due at the door of the conference registration desk. The registration fee will also serve as their annual membership dues for qualified participants. Lunch will be provided at no additional charge.


Each presenter should submit an abstract of 1-3 pages.


The conference welcomes papers in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  1. Topics related to practices in China.
  2. Topics with potential implication to China.
  3. Topics with potential to engagement in interdisciplinary dialogues and research.
  4. Topics related to education, teaching and learning.
  5. Topics related to the interest of members such as career development, work, and family life.


Proposals for panel sessions focusing on a single issue, such as Chinese education, health care, Chinese traditional medicine, history, philosophy, culture, economy, sustainable development, environmental protection, political reform, social equality/justice, legal system, engineering, science, technology, mathematics, or proposals focusing on a single province/region are welcome.

A proposal for a panel session should not exceed three pages. The duration of a session will be up to 60 minutes.


Send your submission electronically to Dr. Jian-Zhong Lin at <> in MS Word format.

Use a cover page to provide the following information: (1) topic of the presentation/panel session, (2) name and academic affiliation of the presenter or panelist and/or that of a moderator; students should indicate their major and status (such as undergrad junior, M.A./M.S. second year, or doctoral third year), (3) postal address, phone, and email of every presenter/panel member.

All papers, abstracts, and panel proposals must be received electronically by February 10, 2015.

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