Call for 2018 Participation in CAPA-CT Delegation to Western China

The Chinese-American Professors Association in Connecticut (CAPA-CT) is once again calling for participation in Chunhui international collaboration programs with Chinese universities in summer 2018.

Program Objectives include:

(1) Strengthening/establishing ties with universities in Gansu and Xinjiang;
(2) Continuing/ Exploring academic collaboration and cooperation opportunities between CAPA- CT members and our counterparts in Western China.

Funding:  Successful applicants will receive funding for a round-trip international airfare.   

Eligibility:  Current CAPA-CT membership. Preference will be given to those with formal invitations from host institutions as well as 2017 participants.

Applicant Responsibility:  Applicant is expected to initiate contact with potential host institution(s) in Gansu and/or in Xinjiang to work out details of the visit.  A written report to CAPA-CT on the visit is due by October 1, 2018.

Help Line: Contact Dr. Xinyi Lu at <> if you need help in securing a host institution in Gansu.  Contact Dr. Miaowei Weng at <> if you need help in Xinjiang.

Maximum Number of participants: 15. Application deadline: March 26, 2018.

Application Process: Send to Dr. Miaowei Weng ( by March 26, 2018 (1) your letter of intention to participate, (2) a 2-page CV, and (3) an invitation letter from each host institution (requirements for the invitation letter and sample invitation letters attached). Application review will continue until the delegation is formed.

Notes: Requirements for the Invitation Letter from a Host Institution:

  1. Print on letterhead stationary (使用印有接待单位名称信头的信纸);
  2. Specify the host university’s financial responsibilities for room and board and local transportation (明确说明在当地的食宿和交通费用由接待单位负责); and
  3. Formalize the letter with the official ink stamp from the host university or the college/school (邀请函需要学校或学院盖章, see invitation letter sample).
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科技创新与金融投资论坛 暨旅美康州科协2018年会

为在新时期进一步推动美中两国的科技交流合作、促进经济发展,旅美康州科技协会(CAST-CT)定于 2018 年 2 月 24日(星期六)在美国康州耶鲁大学举办“科技创新与金融投资论坛 暨旅美康州科协2018年会”。本次论坛由旅美康州科技协会(主办、旅美科协纽约分会 (,旅美科协波士顿分会(,美中医药开发协会康州分会(sapa-,康州华人教授协会(,耶鲁大学中国学生学者联合会(协办、这将是美东地区华人科技界的一次大盛会. 近年旅美康州科技协会年会 情况和本次年会详细日程十将见网站 及相关链接。

February 24, 2018, 1 PM to 5 PM
Social/Networking Reception : 5 PM to 7 PM
Yale Chinese New Year Gala: 7 PM to 9 PM (优惠 50%门票)
Address: 60 College Street, New Haven, CT, 06511. on Februry 24, 2018



1), CAST-CT Annual Conference

2), CAST-CT science and Technology Saloans

3), Summar BBQ

4), Social Activities

欢迎您同您的孩子也参加这个盛会,参加旅美康州科技协会(的年会及活动或做自愿者的青少年将有机会被选送去参加 2018年10月12日至14日在美国康州耶鲁大学举办的“科技创新与经济领导力2018耶鲁高峰论坛-暨中国旅美科技协会第26届年会”并有参加中国旅美科协总会的2018年度优秀青少年奖获奖大会(2017年10名每人获奖$300)


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2017 CAPA-CT Conference News

The Greeting Letter from Dr. Peter Salovey, Yale University’s President.

The Greeting Letter from Consul General Zhang Qiyue at the Chinese Consulate General in New York.

2017 CAPA-CT Conference news has been reported at  (美国康州华人教授协会( CAPA-CT)第三届年会纪实, 美国华裔教授专家网).

For the conference agenda, please see 2017 CAPA-CT Conference Program

Welcome feedbacks.

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2017 CAPA-CT Conference

Please come and enjoy our conference on Nov. 11, 2017, at Hall of Graduate Studies in Yale. Here is the conference Registration link, and the 2017ConferenceAgenda11.02.

Parking instruction:
Here is a list of closeby Yale parking slots that are free to the public during the weekend:

Lot 77: Ray Tompkins House Tower Parkway (hosting 100): Located at the corner of Dixwell Ave and York Square Place. Access from Tower Parkway between Paine Whitney Gym and the Ray Tompkins House.

Lot 78 – Located at Ashmun Street and York Square Place (hosting 49). Lot located rear of Payne Whitney. Access from Ashmun Street.
78W Lot 78w: Lake Place – Gated: Located on Lake Place. Access from Lake Place.

Here is the map of the conference location:

Updated Program Agendas/Locations:

Date/时间:11//11/2017 (双11, 光棍节😄)

Location: Yale Hall of Graduate Studies (320 York Street, New Haven) Room 211

Science & Engineering Roundtable AKW (51 Prospect Street, New Haven) Room 100;
Health AKW Room 400
Business and Finance: Hall of Graduate Studies Room 211
Social Sciences and Humanities: Hall of Graduate Studies Room 401

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China Town Hall at Trinity on 10/24 (New update)

China Town Hall WACC-CUGS 10-24-2017 final

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CAPA-CT Annual Conference Announcement (2017/11/11)

This is a preliminary announcement that the Chinese-American Professors’ Association in Connecticut (CAPA-CT) will hold its 3rd annual Interdisciplinary conference at Yale Graduate Studies Building in New Haven on Saturday, November 11, 2017, starting at 10 am. This year’s conference theme is Transformation in Higher Education.

We are inviting paper submissions in the following sub-themes and other related topics, Rethinking of 40 years of Chinese College Entrance Examination: 1977-2017), Comparison and Exploration of Higher education in the US and China, Public Health, Social Science, Business and Economic issues. Send your submission to the Program Committee Dr. Yang at or Dr. Hao at

More updates will follow.

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第十二届“春晖杯” 中国留学人员创新创业大赛 培训系列专场之七


2:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.

Engineering Students Center,
Dunham Lab,
School of Engineering
and Applied Science,
Yale University,
10 Hillhouse Avenue,
New Haven, CT 06511


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FWD: 2017清华研习班邀请函

To: “xiushengyang”
Subject: 2017清华研习班邀请函发官网







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CAPA-CT’s Second Newsletter

CAPA-CT Newsletter PDF

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The letter to UA CEO on the incident of Flight 3411 on April 9, 2017

The Board of the Chinese-American Professors Association in Connecticut condemns brutality exhibited on the United Airlines Flight 3411 on Sunday, April 9, 2017. By this message, the board advises its members to avoid United Airlines and Chicago airports until such a travel arrangement may be free from random yet intentional acts of violence.

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Call for Participation in CAPA-CT Delegation to Western China (2017)

The Chinese-American Professors’ Association in Connecticut (CAPA-CT) is once again calling for its members to participate in the international cooperation program with universities in China, in summer 2017. Please see attached Announcement for the Requirements and the Sample Invitation Letter you may want to use. Call for Participation–Gansu and Xinjiang Summer 2017, and Invitation letter sample.

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CAPA-CT’s first newsletter

Professor Jian-Zhong Lin and an English student, both from Eastern Connecticut State University, have been working on our organization’s first newsletter. The newsletter features articles on events, since the beginning of our organization, including:

  • The inaugural ceremony in 2014,
  • our first annual conference “China in the 21st Century,”
  • and a trip to Gansu in 2015

The newsletter can be accessed here Newsletter, Issue I


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CAPA-CT 2016 Conference Program


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由教育部和科技部主办的第十一届“春晖杯”中国留学人员创新创业大赛正在报名阶段,报名时间截止7月31日,请广大留学人员报名参赛. 详情请见附件春晖杯大赛介绍

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Proceedings of The First Interdisciplinary Conference

Chinese American Professors’ Association in Connecticut (CAPA-CT) /康州华人教授协会 Conference Proceedings: The First Interdisciplinary Conference Theme: China in the 21st Century /《21 世纪中国振兴》跨学科研讨会, held at the Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science of University of New Haven on March 7, 2015, can be accessed at Amazon Book Store It can also be accessed through a mobile device from the Kindle Store at

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CAPA-CT Seeks Nominations for Officers and Board Members

Dear Members,

The 2016 Chinese American Professors Association in Connecticut (CAPA-CT) nominating committee, comprising Yang (Richard) Yang (Board member) and Meina Cai (Board member), announces a call for board member nominations.

Nominations are being solicited for CAPA-CT President, CAPA-CT Vice President, CAPA-CT Secretary, CAPA-CT Treasurer, and two Board members. To make a nomination, or to self-nominate, please send candidate’s name, discipline, and institutional affiliation to both Yang Yang ( and Meina Cai ( Nominees must be CAPA-CT members.

January 15, 2016 is the deadline for receipt of nominations. For more details about CAPA-CT, please visit Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Warmest wishes and happy New Year!
Richard and Meina

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CAPA-CT is Officially a Publicly Supported Organization!

It is official; the IRS has approved CAPA-CT as a publicly supported organization under IRC 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) effective March 18, 2014. Contributions to the organization will be tax deductible. Thanks to all who helped in the organization and application process. CAPA-CT will be stronger with your support.


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SAPA-CT May 2015 Workshop: Pharmaceutical Trend and Biotechnology Progress

SAPA-CT is excited to announce our May Education Workshop to be held on May 30 at Yale University. This is the third in our series of continuing education workshops and the topics include single cell sequencing and Health Economics and Outcomes Research. This is also a well-anticipated opportunity for networking.

The workshop is free to everyone who is interested in learning more about biopharmaceuticals. We hope you can join us at the workshop. For those who can’t attend the meeting in person, we provide online participation through go-to-webinar. Further information can be found here.

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教育部人事司为做好长江学者奖励计划发了通知, 这是通知全文. 愿意参加此项工作的请填写专家信息表, 5月29日前发送给于兴国 (moeyxg AT gmail DOT com).

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