Call for 2018 Participation in CAPA-CT Delegation to Western China

The Chinese-American Professors Association in Connecticut (CAPA-CT) is once again calling for participation in Chunhui international collaboration programs with Chinese universities in summer 2018.

Program Objectives include:

(1) Strengthening/establishing ties with universities in Gansu and Xinjiang;
(2) Continuing/exploring academic collaboration and cooperation opportunities between CAPA- CT members and our counterparts in Western China.

Funding:  Successful applicants will receive funding for a round-trip international airfare.   

Eligibility:  Current CAPA-CT membership. Preference will be given to those with formal invitations from host institutions as well as 2017 participants.

Applicant Responsibility:  Applicant is expected to initiate contact with potential host institution(s) in Gansu and/or in Xinjiang to work out details of the visit.  A written report to CAPA-CT on the visit is due by October 1, 2018.

Help Line: Contact Dr. Xinyi Lu at <> if you need help in securing a host institution in Gansu.  Contact Dr. Miaowei Weng at <> if you need help in Xinjiang.

Maximum Number of participants: 15. Application deadline: March 26, 2018.

Application Process: Send to Dr. Miaowei Weng ( by March 26, 2018 (1) your letter of intention to participate, (2) a 2-page CV, and (3) an invitation letter from each host institution (requirements for the invitation letter and sample invitation letters attached). Application review will continue until the delegation is formed.

Notes: Requirements for the Invitation Letter from a Host Institution:

  1. Print on letterhead stationary (使用印有接待单位名称信头的信纸);
  2. Specify the host university’s financial responsibilities for room and board and local transportation (明确说明在当地的食宿和交通费用由接待单位负责); and
  3. Formalize the letter with the official ink stamp from the host university or the college/school (邀请函需要学校或学院盖章, see invitation letter sample).
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