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  • 2019 CAPA-CT Annual Conference will be held on Nov 2 at Yale University

    2019 CAPA-CT Annual Conference will be held on Nov 2 at Yale University

      CHINESE-AMERICAN PROFESSORS’ ASSOCIATION IN CONNECTICUT (CAPA – CT) 2019 Annual Conference 美国康州华人教授协会 2019年协会年会   Theme: “In-Betweenness”: Chinese-American Scholars in …Read More »
  • 关于中美关系以及保护自身权益的法律咨询讲座圆满成功


    由我会组织,关于在美华人学生学者如何更好应对当前中美关系,保护自己相关权益的法律咨询讲座,于9月13日在耶鲁法学院顺利举办。讲座上,由我会特邀的来自纽约的知名律师 Gordon Mehler 与 Marjorie E. Berman 就 Civil Rights, Employment Law, 与 Criminal Law 等问题进行了精彩的讲解和相关案例分析。20余位康州地区华人学生学者参与了讲座及之后的讨论。来自不同高校和专业的学者们关于各自在工作中遇到的权益问题和困惑,向律师团队进行了积极的咨询。通过此次咨询讲座,学生学者们对如何在工作中更好地应对相关法律条例,维护自身权益有了更深入的认识。 讲座部分内容音频录音请见: (张静轩,陈莘莘) The legal …Read More »
  • 2019年9月13日 – 法律咨询讲座

    2019年9月13日 – 法律咨询讲座

    大家好!基于当前中美两国关系中的不稳定因素,我们有必要更好地了解相关美国法律,做好自我保护。我会特邀请两位来自纽约的知名律师Gordon Mehler 与 Marjorie E. Berman为我们讲解相关Civil Rights, Employment Law, 与Criminal Law。讲座结束以后,他们还可以单独为你咨询。[详情] 时间:2019年9月13日(周五)下午3:00-3:45 律师讲解; 3:45-4:20 问答;4:20-5:00单独咨询。 地点:耶鲁大学 Yale Law School Room …Read More »

  • 2017 CAPA-CT Annual Conference

Message from the President

Hi there. As the President of the Chinese American Professors Association in Connecticut (CAPA-CT), I would like to invite you to join our newly established organization, to serve on any unfilled office positions, and to organize, lead or actively participate in scholarly and social activities of the Association. As you might have already seen, CAPA-CT is in a uniquely privileged position to promote intellectual and scholarly exchange between higher education institutions in Connecticut and China, as well as to aid students and young professionals of Chinese descent. CAPA-CT will enrich its members by providing professional opportunities for interdisciplinary conferences and by facilitating institutional and cultural exchanges between entities in Connecticut and China, and this will contribute to the goals of higher education in both the state of Connecticut and China. I look forward to your active participation. Together, we can make our lives and the world better.


Dr. Xiusheng (Harrison) Yang
Professor and Director
Connecticut State Climate Center
Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road
Storrs, CT 06269-4087